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Our mission

Luxury VIP has always based his philosophy on the concept of Segmentation Strategy, aimed primarily to offer exclusive services and luxury vehicles at any location for customers of finance, business, entertainment and football. What makes our company better than the other is the class and the style in which we operate in our industry. Our company is located in Tuscany, thanks to the professionalism and passion with which we do our work, Luxury VIP occupies a prominent position in the context of this work, particularly in the rental of luxury cars weekend, luxury car rental monthly rentals of luxury cars in the long term.

We also specialize in organizing hire with driver providing our drivers whenever the customer wants only to enjoy the journey in the comfort and carefree. We also offer a rental service aircraft and yachts as well as to meet any customer requirement you want to move or on the road, or water, or air.
Thanks to a research work and professionalism Luxury VIP has reached a position of excellence in the market, a prestigious clientele loyalty to guarantee the seriousness and care that arises in the course of their work.

In Italy now, our company has established itself as a leading company for hire Ferrari, thanks to studied and careful organization of our staff time to offer the customer car models come out lately, with all the home comforts and Insurance and stamp so to leave the customer with the total fun and spenseriatezza in driving our Ferrari.

The features that the more we raise in our workplace are:
- Delivery throughout Italy of the machines we have.
- We offer our customers the most sports cars in the world production, with a fleet constantly renewed so that the customer has not spoiled for choice.

  • Large Support Team
  • Brand new cars
  • 24/7 System Support

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